ParexUSA: Packaging

ParexUSA a manufacturer of stucco and EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing System) products for architectural cladding had a complex collection of  multiple brands with overlapping products. After strategically narrowing the brands down to one for residential stucco and one for commercial EIFS the client desired a new packaging design. The makeover needed to have a bold emphasis on the brands, but also a more simplified system of colors and graphics for easier internal and external identification.   Additionally, it was suggested to the client that the new design should work within the recently developed brand voice of the international parent company Parex Group. Development began with a new color palette and a flexible typographic system to accommodate the vast array of products.   Brand marks were created to distinguish stucco & EIFS using a parallelogram shape that was complementary within the overarching parent brand guidelines. Images and textures were then used to create various design options.

Initial concept began with white bags, setting the LaHabra brand in matching type and using red & blue colors of parent ParexGroup.
Updated LaHabra Identity - Created as an option to provide a bold stylish look with all capital letters that could stand next to Parex but retain a southwestern feel using new colors.
Alternate concept developed using architectural imagery.